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Thanks for the SXSWi 09 SKetchnote mention! :-)

I have a theory that right now competition is focusing our attention on immediacy, in part because it's easier, but also because it's part of our human nature; but that soon, as our ability to publish and distribute at scale becomes even easier (automatic, even), that the returns to being "first" will diminish to the point where we shift more toward being "best", in the full sense and range of meanings that best can mean.

I'm hoping we return to valuing wisdom over knowledge, reflection over response. It's still a hope at the moment :)

@Fran - your thoughtful comment reminded me of a post I read at O'Reilly about distractions and deliberate pauses. it seems to me that there are parallels.

@Carolyn Ann - when things happen to quickly, we take them for granted, too. Recently I saw a video interview where someone was marveling at how we are not awed by the fact that we can fly in the sky, but insists on noticing that they have a middle seat on the plane :)

@Bruce - slowing down is a good technique to handle stress.

@Peter - I'm a big fan of your concept of composition, which I do call context (semantics!). "We are time." I need to remember that. Thank you.

@Angela - the issue of scale is one we all share after we build anything from small to medium, to large. Success in business requires that we build more robust processes to track it all... and then the processes end up dictating how we do things. I will circle back with you on the community building challenge, if I may. I'd like to tell that story.

@Gianandrea - I think it's part habit, too. We get used to doing things a certain way.

@Tom - indeed. Thank you for the kind words.

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