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@Marc - when I used to watch TV, before social networks and blogging, I found myself talking back and the thing more than occasionally. The desire to interact is baked in being human.

@Kami - relationships are where it's at, where it's always been. Looking forward to our chat. It's been too long!

You are singing my tune here. A companies engagement in social media is best capitalized by relationships. And while they might have a badge or give special deals, this all needs to be done in the name of relationships. Relationships are the essence of (good) PR.

Speaking of which, I owe you a phonecall.

Valeria, Great piece on how each situation requires that you adapt to that scenario rather than trying to "jam" a generic solution into it and assume that the results will be positive.

As a group, the elders and the n00bs need to be reminded that as much as they would like it to be about them-it's not. How fun is UGC if you can't share it with others?

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