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Great point about "integrating a new way of thinking about content into the minds of the newspaper publishers". To add to it, when it comes to content management, it is important to remember about reaching the right public. I think here it comes back to measurement, circulation auditing and other accountability strategies. Here is some useful information:

@Luca - I'll see what I can do.

@Joel - you are very kind, thank you.

@Mark - change is the hardest thing for people and for companies. We're creatures of habit and tend to become comfortable with what made us successful. It is the rare person who goes ahead and mixes things up, especially when they don't have to. And the way we track businesses in the market, growth becomes a drug they must take every quarter - so they learn to manage to that and lose sight of where the marketplace is headed. New entrants have an easier time with change, they can start there and have nothing (or close to) to lose.

@Kfir - nice to meet you and what a great name for the business you're in, media and marketing. Journalists write content, and in the end there is no substitute for good content. In the long tail online there are people interested in all kinds of topics.

@Mike - what happens instead is that the desire to control and drive are stifling businesses that are uncomfortable with people taking just what they need. It's the product-driven mindset, still, especially in B2B.

@Jesse - I've seen our main city paper get thinner with content and fuller of ads and circulars - that holds much less value for me. Unfortunately, that also means the loss of some really good journalists under the guise that "we need to do more with less". Sometimes, less is just less. I think the distribution model is finished or thereabouts, as it would not be sustainable just for the few who are not online. The content piece is needed now more than ever.


I'm in complete agreement with you that Newspapers are failing to listen to their readers and adapt to their needs.

I think those that offer premium online content and also a hard copy, for the news purest, are adapting the best and seeing great results.

It will be interesting to see how newspapers adapt as trends are showing they may soon be obsolete.

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