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@Rachel - there are different learning styles and I find that the majority tends to be visual. Having images, photographs and charts (as long as they're simple and are making a point) does help stabilize the information - and puppies, as Kathy said a couple of times (shared joke, of course).

@Rick - that is why sponsorship and interaction within the network is much better than just having an ad competing (more like annoying) for your attention. Point well taken on brain-wave not being free!

I believe this is also a way of explaining why advertising has its problems when they try to do too much in the social media space. While many dollars are still going there - few are successful unless they become part of the conversation. We can't use our brain for ads when we are fully engaged in the social aspects of what is going on in front of us. My theory is that social being more pleasurable takes up more brain space thus less space for ads - simplified but I am sticking with it until proven wrong - thanks for keeping us all informed and more importantly thinking.

I think the point about having the right combination of talking and visual aids is the right way to get people to pay attention to what you are saying. Some people might think visual aids are distracting, but more often than not, I find my mind wandering when I am just being lectured. Some sort of image or display always helps to engage listeners in an active way.

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