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@Axel - suspending judgment is a good thing, it's also a sign of maturity - both of the individual and the media (possibly). Thank you for joining the conversation. You've given me good food for thought.

@Gianandrea - indeed the problem is bigger.

@Rich - I'd like to have no relationship with those who ignore me :) We can still choose, right?


If someone ignores you, it's still a relationship. The only difference is ... it's a bad relationship.


Yeah, I wrote about companies that said the same thing about telephones 100 years ago. I work with several too; there are many that don't see it as a problem as it can increase engagement but reduce individual contact. Eg. One post might answer a question for 10,000 customers, reducing the number of calls.


Valeria, I think Axel raised a good point about the quantity of messages worked in one day and the challenge of changing this approach in a short time. Still I believe that the problem is deeper than that. We have to re-tool an entire economic system which was based to create value for shareholders and not for customers.

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