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Hi Valeria,

I read the above and wonder if customer's are killing capitalism.

What I see is a shift in the means of production from responding to physical wants and needs ( I want or need a particular product or service) to something far more ephemeral - the emotional expectations of the consumer ( I want to be heard, I want to talk, I want to be wanted, I want certainty).

But what happens when I chase the ephemeral - what am I producing of lasting value when I set out to satisfy my customer's emotional wants? Would that time, money, energy be better spent in building, inventing etc great products and services.

I think this shift to customer emotional wants is not benign and may (paradoxically) contribute to the weakening of capitalism by running down its capacity to produce. Of course, that may not be bad thing just different - capitalism ends up looking more like a cathedral than a bazaar.

But as always, I'm probably wrong.

By the way, its seems on the net the number 1 reason your customers are being difficult is because you're not Apple.

I think this post offers a good look into why customers just don't like the way we treat them. Of course, it may be due to several issues from the above list.

Sometimes, it is not that a business owner wants to provide bad customer service or they just don't get it but the truth is, they really don't have a clue what their customers want and what are the things that they are unhappy about.

Thanks for writing this article as it is crucial, especially during now where most business owners are facing difficulty in retaining their customer.

I know I'm a difficult customer sometimes. I like companies who have a good response time. In fact, I love companies who are very responsive. This plays into #7..."you're asking but not following up" or you're following up only you're taking too long to do so which basically brings you to why even bother.

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