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I must have read our interview with soft eyes, Caroline. I'm thrilled that you were able to make connections for your project(s). Featuring your work was a way to both honor it and invite contributions.

Keep up the great work - and yes, I did send an email to Guy Kawasaki about you :)

This was an amazing experience for me to be interviewed by Valeria. I have received numerous positive and helpful emails relevant to Bank-On-Rain, and it really looks like we are going to make the test in Rwanda happen later this summer. I have been urged to do something about the water situation in Shanghai, clarify Washington "Rain" water rights and fund raise for a similar organization. Thank you for increasing the awareness of the Bank-On-Rain mission.

I've also had two people wanting to join my filming crew. Unfortunately, I had to disappoint them since it's been over 15 years since I produced films! I'd also like to clarify that I've never done a narration as I have been lucky enough to have had George Page (Nature Series), Leonard Nimoy for the "Essence of Life" series and Peter Graves for the "Doing Things the Old Way" documentary.

Valeria's post also motivated an entrepreneur to contact me thinking I had an" in" with the Sierra Angels, an Angel group where I am a founding member! You never know this might be a great investment opportunity! CASUDI

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