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@Gianandrea - I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the book. We're like-minded...

@Jeff - what you point out is difficult to overcome and real. Organizations cannot help but be internally focused and wanting to make good use of their resources and staff. The intent may be good, however it leaves little room for the unexpected - and all that involves humans, especially in a service and experience economy, tends to be unexpected. Alan is one of the rare people I watched listen intently when having conversations with speakers on stage. The best one, ever, is the one he had with Jim Collins way before he published "Good to Great". I told Collins as much when I saw him again at the Wharton Leadership Forum a few years back. He said that was also his best experience. Memorable for those who lived it on both sides of the conversation.

I have experienced the opposite of stimulating feedback from customers from my experience employed in several nonprofit associations. Sometimes staff does not want to talk to the members/customers because that means they cannot get their tasks done. Usually, this is because the leadership at the top does not model focusing on the members/customers needs. Their fear--you said it best--increased engagement from members/customers, which translates in, decreased deadlines met. Yet today, people want to belong to associations, communities and tribes where the leaders listen, stimulate feedback, welcome and wow individuals and recover quickly when necessary. Thanks for sharing this.

This post make me more eager to read the book. I love the Anticipation part as I feel is where you can benefit the most.

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