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I like the insight "we connect with others so that we can reconnect with ourselves" however I don't necessarily agree with "we are becoming very astute at avoiding marketing messages". Since a quick check of our homes, fridges, pantries, closets and garages are testament to the fact that some of us are more like sponges than Teflon.

An alternative theory could be that many marketers are still using the same old untargeted mass-marketing, poor copywriting, meaningless content and the wrong channels to attract customers and it’s a subconscious rather than active avoidance because of poor targeting and communication.

@Authority Networker - did you just miss the point of this post? You did not reply to my welcome email where I asked you if this was a pitch. It sure sounds like one...

@Adrian - you've got a perfect example of missing the point of connection in the comment right above yours. It's not easy, then again every thing that is worth something is earned. I hope the topic of the conference is intriguing and valuable for you

I like the article, most people that are new to web 2.0 don't realize they actually have to connect with people and create relationships. Its not about "pushing" you wares anymore- its about connecting people with people in a way that allows you to better understand what they need.

Building that kind of a reputation- and those types of relationships isn't easy, but its extremely valuable for the same reason relationships were valuable before 2.0. Really enjoyed the article.

Adrian @adriandayton

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