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Hi Valeria,

I was mainly pointing out that spending not only hours but as you say WEEKS to research a meaningless website is a waste of time.

If you look up "twitter" you will find that it means little more than "babble". Nonetheless, it is better than "google", which is a brand name and therefore 100% meaningless.

A community without any meaning is an oxymoron -- and such aspirations will ultimately fail.

Probably the main reason why old people expect twitter to succeed is that they do not understand new media, which follows the "Wisdom of the Language" ( ).

Language is not owned by anyone -- it is a community phenomenon.

Meaningless babble is not interesting -- so why waste weeks doing research on commercial twitter?

That was my point. Sorry I wasn't clear in my first response -- and I hope I'm being clearer now. Of course I'll never know know whether what I write is clear unless someone tells me so -- and thank you for doing that! (and I invite anyone/everyone to please do so again, such that I can more clearly describe my ideas)

:) nmw

What a fascinating experiment, Valeria! Thank you for being so methodical and for sharing the results with us. You are always so giving; must be why you ROCK!

@Adam - thank you for providing value to the community and for sharing what you know and create (the music) freely. That is a gift we should not take for granted.

@Norbert - Thank you for taking the time to comment. Perhaps you skimmed the post? Can we reread your comment together?


Good. Now let's take a step back and pretend you worked two weeks to research plus four hours to write a post after the day job so that it would provide actionable content for your community - for free. Then you get the comment above from someone. How do you respond?

Does the comment give you a lot of information about the person who left it? I imagine it would.

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