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However possible we try to plan what we can in a way that the emerging programs integrate with broader marketing initiatives. It doesn't always work out that way though. An agency's scope may be too limited with certain clients, or a marketer may have planned the strategy with one agency and only looped others after a lot of decisions were made.

There is something to be said for centers of excellence though, or core areas of expertise. If e-mail makes sense, for instance, I'll defer to the experts on e-mail at my agency (if it's part of the scope) or another (if we're not handling that component) to work with the most appropriate vendor there.

I definitely agree with what David said about getting first-hand experience before making recommendations. I'm sure that people who use services that marketers try to tap appreciate more relevant engagement instead of overt promotional messages.

I wonder, being on the agency side in emerging media how do you work with your clients to integrate 360i services with services from other vendors, for example email marketing?

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