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Interestingly enough the military has used that 150 number throughout history. Military units are typically organized into a unit called a "company" which has roughly 150 people. It's typically the first "command" authority (which holds special authority by commission) in a larger structure -- i.e. a battalion, brigade, regiment, division, corps, etc.

True Rebecca, but I was thinking for more established business models when I was thinking about developing widgets. Would you design a new social network for one that already existed? I do tend to see this...

It's obviously community/product dependent you just have to make a judgment call on which one will work best for you.

Great post. Alice will be based on a community and we hope we will thrive as a result.

Although I disagree with Stuart a bit above. I used to strongly believe that there was so much duplication (for instance, in the "real world" nonprofits pop up like popcorn), and that people should plug into the existing efforts, initiatives or social networks in this case.

But the more I am involved in social networks and building community, I see that there are good reasons to create new networks for communities to sprout from. It's kind of like if I go to the same coffee shop with my friends and have the same conversations. Simply going to a sushi bar instead might change everything.

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