Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Top Ten Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Fails


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Great insights in this post and comments!
With content still king, it's best to know you can’t make crappy content taste like cake no matter how hard you try, so you’d best not start with crap.

Other points I would add to the list:

1. Generic content does not work, you need to address each stakeholder, if you are selling to a CIO, CFO, HR, you need specific content to address their business requirements.

2. People come to you at different stages in their buying life cycle, they could buy in one week, one month, one quarter or one year, you need specific content that editorializes and educates them on your business value and unique differentiation on their time frame not yours.


@Beth - now marketers are putting a ton of faith into SEO, instead. Loading their pages with keywords. I've long maintained that even many bloggers write for Google anymore.

Yes...let's not mistake or confuse keyword-loaded, Google written content with good, valuable, usable content. ;-)

I really like your definition of content marketing and especially point #7 No clear call to action.

As a well known consultant what calls to action on your website work best for your business? When someone wants to engage you as a speaker or consultant, how do they typically do it and is it awkward talking about the cost of services?


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