Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - When is it a Good Idea to Include Bloggers in Your Media Outreach?


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@Bruce - good for you! Let me know how it goes.

@Len - as you know, those are all things your figure out when you are engaged yourself in reading and listening. I'd say that extremely valuable content can win you over in the absence of a relationship the first time out. But you've got to be really good at how you present it to break through the clutter.

@Sommer - there's a lot to be said for human contact and a desire to connect. Relationships are important, the ability to engage in new ones are equally critical for long term success. Things are changing to rapidly nowadays. Glad the post was useful.

I love this:

"The best pitch is no pitch at all. The best pitch is in fact a conversation."

As a blogger who gets way to many pitches everyday I love this! I run blog tours for companies and it's helpful to the company because when I go to the blogger I have a relationship with them. Most pitches are like throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks.

One client of mine told me their PR firm quoted them 12 bloggers to write about their product in 6 months but when this client and I started conversing, like you suggest, the numbers were out of this world. We were just talking, relating, interacting and being real. That goes a long ways.

100% Transparency. Extremely valuable content for the niche. And something that the blogger believes in. If they don't, it will show.

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