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An amazing post Valeria. This analysis is sharp and defined as a logo, very informative.

@Susan - glad you followed your instinct and wrote the post. It's a big compliment to know you've inspired someone. Also, because I got to these wonderful comments only now.

@Janie - I might have met some of your colleagues in the greater Philadelphia area at a PRSA networking event or program. Glad the post was helpful. Indeed learning to listen more costs a company very little compared to what it could gain it in insights and referrals.

@David - how do you like that? Radian6 finds both posts in no time. Just checking to see if you were monitoring :) I was looking to add people on SlideShare and came upon your great visual, I had to build on the content. Hope I did a fair job with the conversation.

hey there Valeria,

Glad you liked the preso. And awesome job on putting in the detail around the top 10 reasons. And nice job on the FastCompany piece too today. This is an awesome Monday surprise.



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