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Bloggers (or at at least the best ones) are also, at their heart, story tellers. They are looking to share great stories - about experiences, culture, products, life. If you cannot give them a story that fits their blogging model, perhaps you shouldn't be reaching out to bloggers but buying an ad.

Lovely post.

I haven't followed blogs for long. some blogs talk a lot about products, others try and educate readers whether it is about products or otherwise. I think it is this willingness to 'give' which immediately sets these blogs apart. The giving is in terms of learning, some practical advices etc.
There are blogs in which the blogger is so full of himself.

@Adam - thank you. Good point about bloggers relating more on an individual and human level, which is why many write from passion.

@Jared - I try to think of a new story every day, too. All kidding aside, I get what you're saying here.

@Jerry - the whole reason why someone would make the time today is that they do it because they want to. It's the same for many products and services, you'd really want to learn more. There are plenty of choices and we have already quite enough, don't you think? Maybe it's because I'm on a more minimal kick recently.

@Stuart - the only pitches I got that were worth my time so far were not even pitches at all. They were conversations. People engaging with the content, sharing of themselves. Until we measure the wrong things, like clicks and clippings instead of relationships and changes in behavior...

@Maria - I like your energy, thank you. Why not engage with those who want to engage with us? Exactly.

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