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@Shannon - thank you, glad the content was helpful. Yeah, when I wrote the post on social media and the telephone many really responded to the analogy.

@Ferg - sometimes the best book recommendations are not reviews but ways to show how the content was helpful. I keep hearing the same questions and see that people are having a hard time getting started because the data and measurement issues stump them.

Valeria...great post as we continue the pursuit of measurement, metrics, the explanation of why and what return...thanks for all the insights and the links..Amazon did well this morning...cheers ! @MolsonFerg

I love your longform posts by the way even though I don't have the attention span to actually write like this. :)

I'm also really digging the parallels between social media communication and the telephone. Scott Monty and I were on a panel together awhile back where he cited some pamphlets that were being circulated to business leaders in the 1920s-30s time-frame. Basically the pamphlets served to warn businesses about the new threat to productivity - the telephone (gasp!). I also like to think about the ROI argument now in terms of the telephone -- seriously, what's the ROI on your phone system??

As usual, you do phenomenal work explaining all of this stuff in cogent and relevant terms. Thanks for all you do!

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