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Right on, here!
Corporations are still structured the way they were, the way they evolved after the turn of the century when American big business first came to be. The fact of the matter is the advent of the social web will bring such a dramatic shift in budget and personnel staffing, that a deep change will need to occur in order for companies to adapt. Hyper-transparency will force internal to become tightly aligned with brand values and beliefs and, as you have pointed out here, to bring the lessons learned during the public discourse back within its walls.
My complete thought on the topic can be found here

Getting into this space signals a shift from just wanting to push messaging and marketing to wanting to have more of a dialogue, more of a relationship. It is definitely the single most obvious symptom of a positive cultural change within a company. A sign of positive adaptation. That's why people react so positively when they find out that a company just started to blog or tweet. Even if they never bother to read the blog or follow them on Twitter, the signal is loud and clear. and always positive.

Good post. :)

@Bruce - it seems to me that if the culture of the 'sphere is about linking (and it is), then when the links are not there it feels like cheating, or back to the old Web site. Glad you found reason to act.

@Stuart - I feel the same way in many respects. Ever since I invested time and attention into learning not just about the tools, but about the people using them - what they know, who they are - I've reached a higher clarity of thought.

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