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Valeria -- I love this on-blog #FollowFriday! What's more: I'm honored to be part of this group... which includes others I know and respect and learn a lot from, too. Thank you very much.

Valeria, believe me, I want to learn from a more diverse group! I am just so new to this space and already dealing with information overload. :) I just about got comfortable commenting on a few PR/SM blogs here and there. Once I know a bit more then I will seek out more diversity. Right now, sticking with the people who resonate most (you'd be one of them), I guess those whose work follows my instinct, makes most sense to me -- I just don't have the knowledge yet to separate wheat from chaff, you know?

@Rob - that's probably what I miss the most from the old FriendFeed interface - the ability to spot more conversations. The new interface and functionality encourages broadcasting. If I had the time, I would send a strongly worded letter to FF.

@Laurel - 140 characters are probably enough to say we like someone, but they are inadequate in letting us describe exactly why. When I connect people, I tell them why they should meet. Even with the facility with which we can link directly online today, a personal introduction is worth gold in my mind.

@Stuart - glad to be of service. Keep rocking.

@Chris - it was really good to have this intra-blogs conversations with you and your readers. I took to heart the principle that we earn our keep and am passionate about paying it forward.

@Christa - Brogan has been an amazing supporter for me and the only reason why I did not include him on my list is that he's already so well known. Also, you may notice I've highlighted a very diverse group with at least 3 fellow Europeans in the mix. I often challenge myself to learn from people who have very diverse points of view from my own. Witness my including not one, but two people who are native French speakers (kidding). Of course, it's natural to gravitate towards people with whom we share experiences and projects like LE for you.

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