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@John - thank you for your kind words. Yes, getting established, having a presence is a first step. However, you will need to participate in what others are doing as well, which of course you know.

@Diego - glad you enjoyed. I'll be curious to learn how many people are asking you for your music now :)

@Kevin - you write about topics I have shared abundantly in the past here (if you look at the new media category, you will find deep dives on may of your points and more). The issues are many but one emerges from your argument: who pays for that work? Are citizens going to be willing to pay? We know that an advertising model will not subsidize "calling attention to the important, but boring, things" as that is the part that is going away more and more... I welcome your thoughts.

@Bruce - good insight! There is going to be and ebb and flow of off line and online and I agree, we live in exciting times.

It is only a matter of time before most of our traditional off-line activities move into a web based mimic.
We have seen many social activities thrive in the online world. We are seeing traditional media change. And we will see much more.
Some will work very well and others will be only a substitute for the real thing.

The things that transition well into an online world will live and the others will ebb back into traditional spaces.

What is so good about this is that we can share in the discussion with hundreds of thousands of people to make these products better. Or we can discuss and decide that some things are better left off line.

It is so exciting just to be a part of the discussion...

I think this model would work for things where there was only casual attention needed. one of the plusses of professional journalism is that people are paid to keep track of tiresome, but important things for the rest of us, like city council meetings, zoning debates, all the parts of civil society that need active maintenance by some of us for the rest of us. i don't see a place for those information workers, who learn a beat, in this model.
journalism is a way to demonstrate your expertise and handling of an issue and ability to know how to slot it into the editorial fabric of a given group's readership/audience. that has a real value. it can focus attention and make everybody smarter about important things. it can call attention to important things.

that is not about tools, it is what the tools are good for.

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