Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Your Press Release has a Long Tail in New Media


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@Bruce - I'm liking a lot your thought of having "the courage to make your voice stronger". Some of the best ideas build on other people's ideas or spark a discussion that takes an interesting turn.

@Stuart - for machine, do you mean the search engines and wire services?

@Siobhan - you're too kind. Thank you. I do hope you find the information actionable.

another post of exceptional value Valeria. Thank you. I'm beginning to rely on you!

I think it has to come down to the authors of said press releases and the wire services that pick them up. When I used to send out lots of press release the more machine like they were, the more likely they would be picked up.

I almost feel that at this point you need two press releases: One for the machines and one for the humans.

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