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@Vijay - I'm thinking more in terms of objectives, what are your customers trying to do, what are you trying to do? That's the starting point.

@Maria - "why they're here" is a critical question that we should not forget in the eagerness to go ahead with a project or agenda. I'm amazed at how difficult it is for most marketers to think of having a candid conversation about motivation...

I think the most important aspect of this is the know where your customers are and why they're there. Most miss that "why they're there..." Yes, your audience is likely on some sites, but what are they doing there and how is that relevant to your goals of content and reaching them. I'm often amazed at how much misdirection there is in understanding the deeper levels of your audience's activities and how that should tie closely to what/how of your content. Good stuff Valeria!

Maria Reyes-McDavis

Interesting read, the major problem is many people doesn't understand the new medium before using it and also we all need to think interms of strategy for engagement with users before finalizing on which social media tools to use.

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