Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 3 Steps to Mapping the Customer Journey


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@John - you're very kind and generous in sharing your content - thank you and I'm sure my readers also thank you. Alignment in the experience of a service is key. As you illustrated, one thing goes out of order and the whole experience falls flat.

@Ian - engagement indeed feels more like a commitment from two parties than a flyby, doesn't it? Or the content will just get filed without nobody acting on it. Some of today's darling keywords have no meaning unless they're actually done.

@Elizabeth - True, not all touch points can be controlled directly, but the culture your created in your organization can and sometimes does carry that message in the way the organization acts and responds to the rest.

I think you've really nailed it. The first step is to identify each touch point. Once you've identified them, take a look and see if you are sending a consistent message in each of those. Not all touch points can be controlled; however, those that can be must be managed and be consistent with the overall message you want to send out from your company.

Really nice post. In my business - web content management - "engagement" seems to be today's buzzword, but there's way more to it than a few screen shots of Google analytics - and you've nailed that in this post. Now off to Fast Company to read 'moments of truth'... Thanks!

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