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Valeria, first time here and loving this post. I've noticed something about SM, and humans being human, it's a lot like life. If the intent is to connect, be curious and learn, engagement then also makes room for the offhanded and improvisational, or the inspired mistake.

It's often the seed of how plays and books get written, events hatched, businesses built, causes formed, celebrations started.

Two touch points that resonate (see below) - it would be wonderful if more understood them as part of the social media network...and perhaps the face-to-face network too!

"Flow" - you're in it when you lose track of time while doing something. What a great summary! Too often, after we realize how 'long' we have been at a particular task or project, we chastise ourselves for the time suck. Shame!

"Clarity in what you want and awareness of who you are." This is an age old dilemma which is now exacerbated by connectivity. Is there too much choice? too many options? too many ways to escape into another world? too many distractions which stop us from getting in flow and finding ourselves?

@Joe - I'm liking the action ideas you shared here a lot, thank you.

@Andrew - it sounds like we might know some of the same people connected with the Authentic Happiness Project at UPenn. I Read "Flow" and remember many of the teachings. Indeed when I write and work, I often experience it. And I probably learned a thing of two about conversation :)

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