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@Stuart - I detect that you, like me, still like the longer format to articulate thoughts and ideas.

@Bruce - glad to be of service.

@Roxanne - I had a colleague who was quotes twice in print publications form answers she provided on LinkedIn. The opportunity is there. Many smart people networking and talking about work.

@Shannon - it was such a fun and useful read that I had to find a way to share it in the post. We find that trade publications and customers love having the visuals.

Thanks for the shout out on the comment marketing post - that made my day! Great tips here about engaging in a good variety of social networks without having to create another company-branded outpost. By the way, I LOVE the idea of putting together a slide deck for SlideShare to accompany press releases... I may just have to steal that!

I am just now beginning to understand the extended value of LinkedIn, and how there are more useful applications for the site that go way beyond 'here's my resume'. Thank you for this insight!

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