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Wow...glad I watched the whole thing, the tricks kept getting better. I sure hope my son never sees this! (haha)

I think he is one with his bike! (People who ride horses understand this concept all too well.)

Thanks for the reminder Valeria!

@squareart - I'm still mesmerized :)

@Chris - ditto.

@Bruce - I don't even have a bike in the US, which made me want to have one.

@Edwin - clearly he puts in the work. You don't get that good on aspiration alone :)

@Benjamin - I'm not even a bike geek and love this.

@dotcalm - you're spot on with your comment. Often people come up to me after a presentation to tell me how much I inspired them to take action. That is the best compliment I could receive. Businesses who aspire to this kind of outcome should indeed pay more attention to how they make customers feel, what experience they provide, in addition to their product or service. Interesting about your conversation with the assistant. Does everyone have passion to give, though? My guess is no. What do you think? Thank you for the kind words.

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