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@Valeria - Absolutely; we have in-store checks & balances to ensure the process stays on track.

Above and beyond that, an escalation process within our CRM system ensure the item is identified by the correct dept. manager, addressed and solved within a specified amount of time.

Automotive consumers just want to be heard - the sooner they are acknowledged & their problem solved, the stronger the trust factor & relationship can become.

@Sonny - if you're talking about your service live, you have less of a need to request testimonials on a case by case basis. And yes, business development should be one of the natural channels for the information and insight you gain from learning about what customers value.

@Diego - it is also a little easier to have a conversation with a person than it is with an entity. Plus you have an opportunity to ask how you're doing. That alone can save you a lot in focus groups.

@Eric - do you have a mechanism to document and improve from break downs in the perfect in-store experience? For example, I had dinner at a restaurant last weekend and was seated at a table way in the back, by the wine station in fact, when I had requested a table outside in the reservation. The waiter knew he needed to enlist the help of the store manager, who promptly found a suitable table and all was done in good and positive fashion.

The item keeping me up at night is ensuring our in-store process is followed to the letter; when it breaks down, that's where our trust factor has the ability to decrease.

If trust, or the unique experience a guest is seeking, isn't established, then we run the risk of a visitor voicing their thoughts online.

Fortunately for us its not a common occurrence - its all about creating the memorable, unique experience. When done properly, the customers will rave about it - giving us the best WOM possible.

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