Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Has Web 2.0 Made You Happier? [part II]


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The best of Web 2.0 is how it has extended my connections with my family.

I don't ever want to give up the tools that are shrinking the tyranny of distance in my family.
With children scattered from one coast to the other, these Web 2.0 services are a critical part of my personal well-being. I have become dependent upon them and I am even finding ways to enhance them.

These interactions with Web 2.0 are indeed making me happier...
I enjoy being part of the conversation that seems to grow in every direction possible.

@Rod - I hear you on that one. I think that many companies are making really good strides on integrating the less sexy parts of new media into their plans. And alas because the whole lot is often after new shiny objects and would not think of broadcasting their success with a Delicious strategy, for example.

@Zoe - I so liked your comment that I reread it a couple of times. I especially enjoyed your insight "I've come to learn the tools that have potential to amplify the work of change agents" because we're indeed talking about the ability to amplify and extend your existing capabilities as well as stretch the possibilities with learning. Yes, our own intention and attitude has everything to do with our experience - just like in life.

@Jon - the blurring of work contacts and social contacts is a very interesting development. You probably notice that there is flexibility in that some social contacts can become work contacts and vice versa.

I'm not sure if I am happier; however, I'm certainly busier. As a freelancer Web 2.0 strategies have opened up different kinds of relationships for me and enabled me to take onboard larger projects, collaborating with others in the cloud.

Web 2.0 has also changed the way I talk to people. Rather than pushing my ideas into a channel of "look at me" I start conversations.

Perhaps the other change has been the blurring of boundaries between work contacts and social contacts. There's so much conversation now through Web 2.0 services (social media) that I think it's blurring the distinction between communication for work and communication for relationship building.

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