Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Has Web 2.0 Made You Happier? [part II]


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not sure if it is making me happier or not... I am happy when I meet great people, when I found out great events that other people are attending... I am happy when I finalised something that I found out on the social web.
But the social web, on its own... well... it's just a tool. A bit sad too I'd add.

Thanks for quoting me in this blog, Valeria. I think I need to add a little to it, in order to clarify my position. Much of what I wrote holds true if one approaches the social web as some sort of extra task set, but that is only one very small slice of the Web 2.0 pie. It's obvious that I wrote this on a fairly busy day. ;)

The great shame for me is that I left the distinct reason for my embracing of the social web out of the equation: the distinct possibilities for connection with other like minded or like hearted individuals, and the sharing of ideas, content, and perspectives with these people. For me it also represents the ability to put my poetry before more eyes, but even as I have taken a hiatus from publishing on the web for a few months, I realise that it is not the praise for work that I miss, but the connections with other people.

Web 2.0 is other people - this is what keeps me returning to the same haunts on the social web. While I don't care for tasks, I quite like other people, and the possibility of meeting without barriers, rubbing some ideas together and helping to create a blazing humanity. Yes.

Happiness as it pertains to web 2.0 is an interesting concept and good question. I think the following makes the most sense to me, "Luis Sandoval said - Web 2.0 has always been promising, don't get me wrong. The expansion of ideas is great, but there seems to be more emphasis now on be the "It" thing that users are left behind to deal with the confusing aspects of adapting."

Does it make me happier - probably not since it now means another thing to do. The quesiton is do we allow it to become so much a part of us that it can actually affect our happiness - and in that context it has no affect on my happiness.
For my clients just more to try and put into perspective as another part of a whole. Being the next fad is exhausting when we try to keep folks talking about expectations and this being just another tool - perhaps with some sizzle to make it smell good but no promise of meat necessarily.

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