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@Valeria, expect a mail-pitch from me at some point then! :D

@Denis - bingo, you really wanted to connect. Intent comes across even if you weren't working so hard, pure intent generally gets attention. You won't believe the kinds of emails I get. I must be on someone's heavy spam list :)

@Diego - glad you enjoyed.

@Jon - length never scared me. What scares me is lack of consideration and thought and those show right away. So perhaps keep the form email short and make the custom or special email what it ends up being to transmit passion and a desire to connect. Note how he also paused and referenced his qualifications before he got to the detailed feedback. Re: direct marketing emails I think they're hideous and I skip them altogether. They're talking "at" me and gimmicky.

@Yvette - glad you enjoyed. Sounds like your friend is quite the writer!

there is absolutely an art to crafting notes like this one. i have one friend that lives in australia - we may not have any contact for up to a year, but then i'll receive an email from him that manages to be eloquent and poetic, funny and snarky, clever and informative - all at once. thanks for sharing this; it provides such inspiration for my own writing.

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