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This is very well written, and I have to agree with most of what you write.

I just have to take on small exception. The problem is not that they don't listen. They do. The problem is that what you say conflicts with their primary mission. They are out to accomplish what they have to accomplish (apologize, sell, solve) without stopping to understand what is it that you need.

It is not about fixing the problem - it is first and foremost about understanding it and then finding the solution and fixing it.

If you can see they don't understand the problem, then they will never come up with a fix.

@John - wow, that wins the prize for the longest comment ever at my blog - potentially longer than many of my posts. I'm flattered and hope we're adding value here. There is merit in figuring out if one adds value, remembering that often value is at the extremes and not in the averages.

@Rod - I do try to remember my experiences when dealing with customers myself - internal and external. It's easy to take for granted what you know. Thank you for the image of driving around and shouting, although I would not drive all the way to California for the satisfaction :)

^^ Oh, that doesn't sound good Valeria. I didn't understand they responded late and hadn't apologised straight away.

As for them asking you for complex technical information, that drives me mad. I generally find that if I could answer these kind of questions in the first place then I wouldn't be needing the help.

No further arguments from me on your "fix the problem" response. If it was me, I might have driven round and shouted at them in person (a deeply-satisfying if generally-unproductive approach to complaining).

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