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@Harriet - yes, story does seem to come up a lot lately. We do respond to stories and they prove to be more memorable. The video format also allows for a more intimate experience, which has an important role in building relationships. I work hard at my press releases so that they provide value with the news.

@Anne - thanks for stopping by.

@Matt - glad you found the experience valuable. Re: your post - Generally speaking, I try to keep a positive attitude and teach vs. preach in my online and off line behavior. I realize that sometimes the immediate gratification of a well crafted remark may make us feel sort of good. Sometimes audiences (and customers) can be a bit difficult, too. So taking things with a grain of salt helps in the long run.

Great job Valeria -- I really enjoyed your presentation - very well prepared. I noted it in a post today -

You bet! Thank you, Valeria.

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