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great,the sin which I was able to relate the most was the last one, stifling.
I am not in an organisation, I am Studying but whenever I come up with some new idea and share it with my team-mates or teachers, I hear very familiar response , 'can't be done', 'see it later' et al. And sometimes I kill my ideas myself either due to laziness of I can foresee what's their fate gonna be.

@Stuart - it's amazing how much less cumbersome actually talking with a customer has become these days. You have the opportunity to ask more questions, elicit information, and build rapport. It turns out that the human touch is the least expensive of all systems.

@Gianandrea - great example of leaping to conclusions and working from assumptions! Thank you.

@Michael - what's interesting is that sometimes going above and beyond means being informed about the person you're talking with, learning to listen more, and being helpful, Not, as many assume, giving away the barn. Congratulations on your book, I know how hard that process is!

@Heidi - is it all the talk about adding value? Do people feel that jumping to conclusions and being seeing in action is the valuable option? Is volume better than quality? Does volume equal conversion? In my experience there is no direct correlation. And yet... good example. Thank you.


Great post. The first is the most relevant to me--the idea that we head for the solution first and don't take time to really find out what's at the root of the issue. To me, the analogy is like telling the person complaining of headache to take an aspirin, when tests would reveal he actually has a brain tumor.

Get to the root of the issue, in short!

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