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Interesting post. Here's a link to a debate between social media commentator Neville Hobson and me on the nature and limitations of corporate blogging:

I love this article. We just had a heated discussion about managing the blog and who should "own" it. And I just sent this out to the team!

Thank you for great ammo!

Meri -

Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment after reading. The way I see it, social is what the media is engaging again. There are all sorts of great stories from connections people made with other people and with ideas. Connections that have changed the way they look at the world and led them to real breakthroughs. This is real.

What comes as a challenge is that one needs to do it to get where it can take your business or even life. There are no shortcuts or perhaps I should say fewer ones. Keep me informed of your progress. Attorneys can also be wonderful communicators when they can talk themselves through the "risk" part and learn to focus on the upside :)

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