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I agree with the use of video to positively engage and communicate, but after awhile it becomes quite time intensive to consume all the additional information.

The value of video is increased when one has an established and captured audience. But without that foundation, beginning producers of content have a quite a hurdle to surmount to keep ones attention for more than a minute and give one a reason to come back.

I like what James was saying about keeping the videos short, pithy, & relevant. That's kind of what does. By limiting ones time, I believe it gives potential content producers a chance to be succinct and effective with reaching their audiences. It doesn't have to be on that platform, but one that is effective.

I do appreciate how you commented above that one ought not to cut a broad swath with video as the end all beat all solution for engaging.


@Michael - meaningful activity is at the core of what a community should be about. We're all time-starved and attention-challenged these days and for us to give, we need to see a clear benefit. You are very kind. Thank you.

@Zoe - good improv skills, I guess. I didn't know we'd be doing that and had not really prepared for it, but I think that when you come from a genuine place and know the story you can probably get away with it. We're using video more at work and I must say it plays well.

@James - you remind me of the Domino's pizza video from the Chicago store. That was really engaging. I would wager that most regular readers watched the whole video. Why? Because they know my voice through writing and we have a relationship going. So the key is to provide the right content at the right time.

sorry just posted, not spamming but couple things: 1, just posted a blog post about this for local business at and 2. videos can be too long. the trick: make them shorter - 30 - 120 seconds - quick, fresh material. How many people watched the above video all the way through?

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