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Valeria, fascinating post and thanks for connecting it to your interview on Flooring The Consumer.

This to me captures how marketing can create value moments: "...dedication, work that matters, trust and relationships rule. It doesn't stop there - it extends further into creating amazing experiences that become powerful reference points. That's where the value comes in. It's about them, not you. Yet, you do have the power to make that happen."

Thank you, Valeria.

Hi Valeria,

Interesting quote.

No doubt, you will also be familiar with the saying that it is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

But, I have noticed a disposition ( most pronounced in politicians and CEO's) that it is somehow "morally" better to fail than to try and fail.

(Surprising, I understand that this disposition was shared by a group of fighter pilots in WW2 who voted for structurally safety over agility despite the fact that many more pilots died at the hands of other pilots than falling out of the sky).

I wonder deeply about this. Is it because of arrogance, the idea that human failure is somehow greater or worse than the failure of outrageous fortune (I see signs of this in the current unwillingness to change our relationship with the environment).

I think there is is something powerful that stands between us and the flow of our lives. Something that prevents us from intervening and changing the direction of our stream of moments. (Re)discovering what that may be will be worthy of the headline of the future.

Excellent post, highly recommend this reading. Have used these ideas in the past after meeting Keith, and found them to be powerful. Thanks.

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