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This is a great post Valeria, full of valuable insights. Thank you.

Your thoughts on consistency, voice and story are most intriguing because they go to the heart of what it will take to realize the full potential of conversational marketing. We're just now starting to see the first tentative steps as companies try to identify who represents their voice and the types of stories they want to tell.

In the 15 years I've been consulting with companies, message inconsistency has continued to dog businesses of all sizes, industries and geographies. Hopefully companies will continue to develop storytelling as a core competency so they can balance the need to communicate a consistent message without attempting to control it.

Internal communication is crucial, especially inside a large organization where people may not have the opportunity to speak with each other frequently or to be exposed to the company narrative. I often tell our people that we are all in public relations. Good thoughts.

I thnk the point about story and storytelling is crucial here. I've recently been talking with two customers who have a large number of employees. Both seem to forget that every one of their team is a potential brand ambassador and that the stories they tell about the company and products are important.

I think internal company newsletters / intranets can be an excellent way of reminding employees of the corporate story and refining it in a subtle and engaging way. This in turn then passes on to the way they communicate with clients.

You can't expect your people to use stories unless you create a culture where stories are used and celebrated.

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