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@Rick - true, many people do not know or have experienced the value of being online, learning, sharing, and meeting others. There's really little to figure out with Twitter and some of these tools for the average user - and certainly I would put myself in that category. I can barely figure out this blog. The value is in the experience... so it's hard to teach in theory. But, there are ways to light up the fire of curiosity and you know that's what I work on doing when I talk at events.

@Marcel - people want to be heard, they want to participate, they want to do something, not just sit on the sidelines (well, not all). There was a better image on Flickr titled "how to talk on the phone" with a vintage little girl illustration in the explanation, but it was "all rights reserved" and I wrote the post at night with no lead time to ask for permission to use.

Hi Valeria,
Great observation to connect the phenomenon that took place with the Iran election to the wider implications for business. It is a great example to illustrate that people will communicate on whatever medium works best for them (fastest, most convenient, most accessible, least controlled, or just a habit, etc...).

Someday it will look as silly for a business not to engage in conversations on the social web as it does today for a business not to have a phone.

Also... I love that graphic/image - where did you get that?

CEO, Radian6

I don't believe it is complacency but ignorance still. I speak at many venues and the Internet as a whole is still a mystery and when folks hear new buzz words like social media and twitter I think there is a feeling of - "oh another new thing" or as a friend of mine might say - "another thingy to figure out". It is imoportant for us to continue to reveal the value - we must not assume people see the value.

When you are deep into it there is a feeling of - it being so obvious - we should be caught up in that - to many it is not and your showing the impact of the medium as part of the Iran story points out just how important it will contiue to be.

Let there be more evangelists for the masses who still don't understand - believe me they are still the majority.

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