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The less you buy, the less you want. (That's one stealer line, deserving of a post of its own, Valeria.)

Makes me listening to people...they're telling you what the need. And what they need might not be what you're selling.


Very well done Valeria. Kudos! Now ask yourself the really important question: since just about everyone who reads this list agrees with it, in principle, what's holding organizations back?

@Gianandrea - good advice: sell better.

@Brindey - that's a good example. Growing up in Italy, we selected things carefully because we had to choose. I'm grateful for that as I never got complacent or took resources for granted. There is also such a thing as saving for that one nice purchase.

@Sonny - it is a changing environment, and a much more interesting at that. There are surprises in store for those operating on old assumptions.

@Colleen - touche' :) I love the idea of consumable for gift giving. Red wine is one of my best gifts (I have good taste). My rule for gifts to kids is either something creative or books. Moderation makes the special occasion all the sweeter.

@Peter - you probably saw my tie in sustainability and social media the other day. What's less in the area of consumption ends up being more in the area of substance. I would add, with style. Thank you.

@Brian - it was symbolic, the penny. I like the idea of social media as the new shopping therapy, although I think it's more addictive than shopping as nobody - so far - had forked over the credit card. We're investing in other ways - time and attention. Marketers, thread lightly.

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