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Innovate, for yourself and for your customers - your ideas definitely show that the landscape of business and marketing has and continues to change.

A great list that many companies should print out and tape to their walls. Well done, Valeria!

I saw a marketing slogan on Newbury Street in Boston yesterday, "Buy less, buy better." It was an upscale shoe store, and it stuck in my mind because it sounded like a company stanging behind their products to be worth the extra cost, which is so different from the cheaper stores that stress the buying amount.

I think this speaks to your problem of buying less to be incongruent with the marketer's quest, and also demonstrates a good example of profiting from a good customer eperience. Nicely done.

Be hungry, be generous, be yourself.
Maybe marketing is facing the real revolution of selling less selling better.
If you sell better, you'll be priceless for your customers because they recognize your inner value.

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