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Food for thought, although a penny doesn't buy much these days...

Has social media become the new shopping therapy? It was my first thought as I read through today's post. After all, blogs, links, tweets, et al, allow me to interact and feel good without handing over a credit card.
Thinking, feeling, understanding, perspectives, knowledge and opinions - they seem to be the currency of this new mindset, and conversely, a true marketing minefield. Marketers, take head. It's not your father's campaign!

Valeria, you identified an alternative way to sustainability's "reduce" strategy of buying less. Curiosity, creativity, and community all lead in that direction without explicit concern for the much-overused S-word. The three C's increase appreciation for quality over quantity - of material objects, of services, of relationships - and reveal that mindless consumption doesn't make us happy. Congrats on your discoveries!

"Take my iron, I've had that for 15 years (wow, do they make things that last that long?)."

Only if you don't use them. :-)

With rare exceptions for exceptional products that fill a particular need, I've been paring back as well. I mostly stick to consumables for gift-giving, where I even give gifts: a flat of cupcakes, incense, wine, soap. Stuff that will get used up, in a nice way.

It's less that stuff is awful than that too much of it--or wrong relationship with it--numbs and obfuscates. Moderation: it's bitchin'!

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