Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 5 Areas of Integration to go from Customer Conversation to Conversion


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@Valeria fair enough. In my work I encourage to be open to feedback, but you are right: filtering never went away :) Besides, by getting tons of negative you bound to check if everything is right.

Btw, it's Sasha ;)

@Bill- good thought on reliability. Would that be better for the product or service?

@Paula - thank you for the example. Isn't it funny how all of a sudden a public request asks for greater accountability? Good thinking on taking those learnings back to the organization.

@Daniel - you must have been on Twitter :) I tried to keep the metaphor in check. Glad I pulled it off.

@Sasha - very kind of you, thank you. There is one caveat on questions. As customers we're not 100% reliable on what we respond. We're influenced by moods and by context - a lot. So while it's good to ask, it's also good to filter responses with experience and test them with your business model. Fair enough?

@Liz - providing options and ways to and realizing that people may not want to talk back, so not forcing the conversation is also important.

I think that giving people easy ways to talk with you and giving them ways to know you're responding is very important. It's interactive. As Bob Garfield in his book Chaos Scenario ( said, traditional media is dying and we are in a post-advertising age.

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