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First of all I love Chris and I too am so thankful for his writing and his commitment to nonconformity. I wrote Chris one morning when the thought of returning to my cubicle to try and hack out some sort of existence was more than I could handle. What impressed me is he wrote back. He said, "So the thing is that it's really good you feel that way, because most people don't care that they are working a bullshit job or whatever. The more uncomfortable you become, the easier it will be to make a change."

Chris is right. Discomfort is a great motivator to movement.

You were also right, in your recent post about Stop Talking. Start Doing.

It is the inspiration of bloggers like you and like Chris, that have motivated me to start my blog, to do something different. I am still in my cubicle, but at least I am trying to find a way out rather than just accepting the idea that this is it.

You all lead me to make a move. That makes you both thought leaders.

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