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Great write-up and I love the additional thoughts, Valeria. Many, many thanks on shining the spotlight on the Brains on Fire ChangeThis Manifesto.

My fave is your take on #6 - "I respond that I lean forward and ask them to tell me in how many ways I suck." I love it. Great response.

We'd love for anyone to add to the list (we've actually thought of 3 more:

Thanks again and keep on fightin' the good fight!

Valerie: I'm running guest posts on movement building this week and wondering if you'd consider letting me republish this fantastic piece on Beth's Blog.

@Geoff - I loved your post and the topic of the talk. Thank you for linking, a rare deed these days.

@Trey - it's all about the people - "I think, therefore I am" (cogito ergo sum), remember that? Haven't met the Brains on Fire team, but I like them already.

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