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Love how this manifesto focuses more on the "people" elements of marketing/business, than on product, unique selling proposition, adding value, or any other buzzword.

Great job by Spike Jones, Geno Church, Robbin Phillips, and team.

Great post, Valeria. I am keynoting tomorrow in Washington on the very same topic and will reference your post on the Buzz Bin. Well done!

@Mark - I should leave more rooms for the community to pitch in, shouldn't I? Thank you for pointing that out :)

@Earl - glad you can make use of the information.

@Bill - I cannot help it, I think you have an awesome name. So topical, too, with Chris Anderson's new book coming out. I talk from experience on the "no cover" challenge. For many years I developed content and created events for a network and I did all of that, partnering with amazing venues - for free. Some grew a sense of entitlement, didn't respect the RSVP system, and took advantage of the generosity of speakers and partners... skin in the game is a beautiful tool to gauge commitment.

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