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I haven't used it yet. I know a lot of people who do. I was slow to get onto the Tweetdeck bandwagon but I love it. I am using it for personal use and I think if I would use it for business it would be a different story.

@DJ - I share more than 5-6 during the day. I kept consistency with HootSuite because I was working towards a specific outcome. I know you will like HootSuite2.0.

@Kellye - TypePad tracks any inbound links, so I see the and also learn who was sharing. I know there are other objections to the frame vs. redirects in SEO circles - don't have answers for that, as I said in the post, I'm not a technical person. Bit-ly frustrated me when I signed up, so I ended up not using it.

@noxhenti - integration works, that's why I use a variety of tools for Twitter. Each has different functions and role in the mix.

I'm ridiculously in love with Hootesuite. I'm sure that being able to check the stats has helped me a lot. I appear to be getting 1/3 more clicks on average then previously. Found that Twitter info does get shared more than most but more in the sense of howtos and status updates/important messages. Whilst quirky funny items seem to have a pull a lot of more serious research based articles seem to have a greater more sustained longterm life (had one on cloud computing + one on temes/memes rocketed).

Before Hootesuite stats I was very focused on the rise + fall of the number of RTs. Whilst RTs do help I've found that this doesn't necessarily reflect what is being read

The new version is amazing b/c it allows me to set it 2 the way I work without having to click around. My only problem is that the boxes r a bit rigid e.g. looking at stats requires a lot of sliding around. + I wish there was a translation button. It is b/c of the translation + various other greasemonkey scripts that I stil find it hard 2 leave the web.

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