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@Zoe - life eventually teaches the patience lesson to all of us. I'm a good student. If you observe nature, as I described in my conversation with Colleen, you don't see things grow until they've grown and you don't saw any seeds by watering more instead of planting. In some ways, modern marketing has become like watering without putting down any seeds. No seeds, no yield. Simple.

@Cheryl - nice to meet you and thank you for visiting and adding some of your earned wisdom. Selling is a skill and an important one at that.

Excellent thought provoking post. It reminded me of the importance of 5 key connections required for sales:
* The personal one-to-one connections
* the personal connections you facilitate between one-to-another
* The referral connections to people, products, and services
* The reinforcing connections that demonstrate your commitment to the relationship
* The connections you make between the potential buyer and the outcomes they want

It's wonderful to see that you advocate patience -- it's a rare reminder in this space that so values "real-time"!

I'm trying not to think of my friends as "real-life" vs. online, because the language seems to devalue online relationships. Like our various friendships offline, different online relations fill different needs/purposes. Sometimes I feel that someone who reads my blog "gets me" in a certain way that perhaps a friend of 10 years does not -- it allows us to engage different facets of our selves.

Thanks for provoking new thoughts, as always!

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