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@Nate - There's an important part I did not get into in the post. And that is I never ask for myself. Rather, I ask on behalf of others, to benefit them. This is important especially in this day and age as too many have just their own self interest at heart or in mind.

@Sande - There is an alternative commenting system that will aggregate tweets, Facebook, and FriendFeed comments. It's called Disqus and can be integrated on the premium or higher level TypePad. Pity that TypePad is choosing to ignore this trend and not innovate the tool.

@Barbara - maybe you find it easier to connect online? My friend Mack Collier is an introvert and he says online is easier to manage for him.

@Caroline - thank you so much for the amazing comment. I love your story about connecting on Twitter and finding out that there is an off line relation to it. You would not have known or paid attention had you not met casually. These days I spend less time on trains and walking around town as I did in Italy, so tools like Twitter may help set the stage to meet people casually who I might find affinity with. As for the comments, notice how those folks who speak to their importance often have many :) Part of it is a self fulfilling prophecy, if it matters to you, then you find a way to attract them writing simpler posts, or controversial material, or driving people to the post. The flip side of having comments is having too many and not being able to keep up with meeting people and responding.

Connections: Like you I have been building bridges between people (making connections) since I was quite young. I have several networks and have a great deal of fun cross pollinating, often with great success. I have found email a great tool for taking care of preliminaries prior to a face-to-face meetings and for nurturing a relationship after. I have many long tern relationships, often started in the most unlikely of places, like trains :-) or marinas or department stores and just because I was interested in what people were doing or saying. Now fast forward to twitter where I have been a very minor player for over 7 months. I am curious how many of my Social networking connections will ever have the depth and scope of the relationships I made prior to social networking? Three people I know in Real Life joined twitter when I did, two more flitted in and out. Your willingness to connect and facilitate real connections for me and others, whom you have never met face-to-face is amazing and from my current point of view this is mostly the exception to the rule. However, In a couple of weeks I will be meeting @damoc for the first time . I met him on twitter where he was tweeting environmental information from Beijing and much later found out he spent time on an Island 20 minutes by Ferry from me, and was doing business with a former client (pronged into one of my existing networks !) This is the type of real life coincidence that has happened many times and it certainly elevates my first impressions of building in depth relationships via twitter.

Comments: This was a real bone of contention when I stared blogging. I was told comments on a post are an important currency. Just like followers people were letting me know how many comments they had by 9PM :-) And, of course I had almost no comments posted however clients, former clients (and those I hope will be ) future clients and friends emailed and called. My audience just does not like to post comments in a public place! This certainly must be true of many who read your posts and take so much from them. I only post very occasionally though I could far more frequently, time permitting. Your posts inspire, yes inspire many discussions between myself and my design partner James. You get a lot of people thinking about a lot of things. Unfortunately a large amount of the "comment" currency is hidden and cant be counted, but trust me it is there!

This was a great post. I had to comment Caroline Di Diego (CASUDI)

I would be a connector if I wasn't so shy IRL. I've learned in the past that many people value learning about others who resonate with their ideals, so I'm forcing myself out of my comfort zone. So far, so good....

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