Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Is Your Company Thinking that Social Media is a Job?


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I appreciate your thoughts and insights but strongly disagree that social media is not a "job" within the context of a corporation (or non-profit).

Whether you are communicating through an advertisement, public relations or social media, your message, your brand, your mission should be the same.

Social media needs to be planned, measured, aligned with strategy, and integrated into the whole marketing/communication mix. To do it well, it takes time, resources, commitment and involvement. Sounds like a job to me! : )



Excellent break down Valeria. To Daniel's point I think one should be looking less at the time exclusively as a drain or burden of social media, and explore how the social platforms can be meshed with one's, for lack of a better term, traditional channels of communicaiton. If you separate them, they are indeed a drain.

@Bert - well said! Thank you for the kind words. There can be plenty of innovation in integration at communication level as well. Being where your customers are. In that respect, you may decide that from now on, you use the telephone more often to call on them or answer their questions. It is about rebalancing the business after all.

@Laurie - one of the things you may convince your team about is that telling your story and those of the people who benefit from donations is a very powerful first step in getting the word out. Borrow a page from the Obama campaign, empower those who believe in your cause to spread the word and help collect donations.

@Steve - indeed. The limitations of the marketing department are often those of time and physical resources. I can assure you that we have plenty of creative folks there :) The number one reason why companies don't empower employees is often fear that they'll lose control over messaging. The same is true for academic environments and non profit organizations. It's a habit thinking that only the top echelons can represent the company.

@Daniel - the best for last. Am I discussing tools here? Why air your concern in a post that aims to educate about the importance of figuring out the right objectives and putting in place the right team? Here's another thought for you - have you put into practice any of the advice and how to information shared here and in many other blogs? I'll be happy to point out the case studies...

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