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On reflection, I think that my beef was mainly with the title, which is very nebulous and doesn't seem to assign any particular responsibility to the holder of the position. Does having a google alert for my brand qualify me for "chief listening officer" status?

I agree that there needs to be a core stakeholder in social media monitoring and outreach, but I think putting it under the (frankly, silly) title of Chief Listening Officer downplays the useful, functional, business relevant position into a touchy-feely, easily mocked ("Oh? Well..I'm the Chief Smelling Officer!") 'guru'-type position, which is dangerous when trying to affect real change.

Also, it's Meyers not Myers (I'm sure you typoed)

A person dedicated to listening seems reasonable. A "reputation management professional", perhaps?

You've alluded to the fact that organizations are already "listening" to constituencies within various business silos. What I find intriguing is the notion of synthesizing feedback from, say, reputation management, product research and client experience at a meta level. Doing this in a way that contributes meaningfully to business results is the holy grail of integration.

Another point. Actively engaging communities of stakeholders, both internal and external, is the third rail for listening organizations because it is extremely granular and takes place in real time. Companies with dynamic service and/or innovation cultures (crowdsourcing product development is an extreme example) are demonstrating how "listening" energy can be effectively marshaled in pursuit of business objectives.

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